Carol Dubs is a Connecticut licensed CPA, an MBA graduate,  and a Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor.  With over twenty years experience as a bookkeeper and accountant, her focus has been on the financial needs of small businesses and organizations, particularly solopreneurs, small partnerships, and not-for-profit entities.  Her business, Arbor Accounting Online, helps business owners and organizations create a strong financial foundation through implementing and using the right accounting systems and processes for their needs.

She has also been a student of spiritual development – her own and society’s – for over three decades. 

“I’m fascinated by the financial, social and spiritual transformations occurring in our world.   We are rapidly changing as a society and as a species.  As we change everything we create changes – including our relationship to money and the systems and processes we use to account for its flow through our life. “ 

 Carol’s personal journey through the financial challenges of a business venture many years ago became the catalyst for her dedication to financial clarity and her choice of public accounting as a career.   She now helps clients set up and maintain their books and implement effective accounting processes so their business vision is properly supported.  This can include looking at problems from a spiritual perspective.

“As I’ve witnessed in my own life, what first appears to be a mistake can be transformed into a gift.  The potential upside of any challenge is a new opportunity to create a stronger foundation. Our dreams don’t die but are reborn – bigger, brighter and closer to manifestation.”

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