The Magic of Alignment

Posted by: Carol Post date: December 7th, 2010

When business owners experience alignment they have a much greater chance of success.

Recently, my thirty year old son Chris started a business with two other friends, as promoters of a new Internet media website. I had watched these young men come up with creative business ideas for well over ten years, yet the idea stage was always as far as it had gone. I hadn’t worried about the lack of follow through; all of them were gainfully employed and if nothing else, their recurrent brainstorming provided fun, relaxation and a way to keep their minds nimble and active.

But something had changed this time. I felt it immediately in the excitement and energy exuding from my son as he explained his initial meeting with the business owner. Over the next week he and his friends were like horses out of the racing gate as they met with potential clients and devised marketing strategies. I asked Chris what was different with this venture.

“Everything and everyone is in alignment,” he replied.

Chris went on to explain that work, family and personal obstacles that both he and his new business partners had previously experienced were no longer an issue. All three men had matured. Their goals and values were the same. They had the time to devote to the business. Prior difficulties like raising capital or patenting inventions weren’t a factor.

“What we need to do next,” Chris concluded, “is to register our company. I need your help with that. “

So we registered the new company with the State of Connecticut as a Limited Liability Company. LLC’s are legal entities that give partners (called members) the legal protection of a corporation with the ease of paperwork and tax benefits of a regular partnership. We followed up by getting Federal and State tax ID numbers and Chris opened a bank account.

Being aligned on all levels of one’s being, beginning with the spiritual, is vitally important to business success. Spiritual alignment ensures that what our business is all about and how we conduct it, is completely supported by our values – what we most deeply believe is valuable and meaningful.

Being aligned accounting-wise is equally important. We need to make sure that we’ve registered with the appropriate government agencies, know what forms to file and when, and have set up our books properly. I’ve seen too many business owners with great ideas get into trouble because no one gave them a simple roadmap to follow in starting their business. I provide more help with this at my website

Alignment is about all the parts working together for the greater good of the whole. When that happens, the results can feel like magic. Synchronicity happens. Opportunities fall into place. It may seem to be divinely orchestrated from outside of us. In reality, we have set up the right conditions and life has responded.

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