The Law of Attraction and Management Styles

Posted by: Carol Post date: January 9th, 2011

The Law of Attraction states that what we create in our life is a direct result of our vibration. Our vibration in turn is the sum total effect of our fundamental beliefs and the resulting thoughts and emotions arising from them – both conscious and unconscious. As entrepreneurs, the successful management of our business is directly affected by our mastery of the Law of Attraction. This holds true even when management styles vastly differ.

Let me give you an example.

Years ago I worked as a bookkeeper for Lisa, a successful entrepreneur and software consultant. One of the hallmarks of her management style was the frequent use of contingency planning: she would think for hours of various problems that could potentially arise in connection with her business and how she would solve them. Her method seemed to work. For example, by the time she lost a major client due to changing financial priorities on the client’s side, she had already shifted her business focus. Before the age of forty she retired, having achieved financial independence. She had demonstrated mastery of the Law of Attraction by achieving her one big goal in less than ten years.

By contrast, my friend Tianna, an entrepreneur who in the 1980’s was making a six-figure income as a body/mind/Spirit wellness advisor with no advertising and an unlisted number, never employs contingency planning. Her management style rarely employs planning of any sort. Tianna lives in the moment, letting Spirit guide her actions. She continually demonstrates the successful use of Law of Attraction with a full, passionate and prosperous life.

Two equally successful women. Two radically opposite management styles. What are the common factors? Both held clear fundamental beliefs about their financial self worth and their ability to manifest their dreams on a solid financial foundation. Out of those beliefs flowed successful thought and action aligned with their choices. Mastery of the Law of Attraction.

As entrepreneurs we need to respect our own management style. This may take some reflection if we are not already in touch with this part of our business persona. In my accounting practice I try to understand a client’s management style and help them articulate it. It helps me better serve their accounting needs.

We need to be aware of how the Law of Attraction operates in our business management and how it impacts our financial decisions. What fundamental beliefs do we hold about our financial self worth and our ability to manage money? Digging deep to identify these answers is just as important an investment in our business as the financial capital and talent we contribute.

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