Online Accounting Services: Helping to Awaken Your Riches

Posted by: Carol Post date: January 25th, 2011

An exciting part of having an online accounting service is how it lets me reach out to clients I normally would never meet because of geographic constraints. One such client is a new movie production company. My client has just released a documentary about the unique gifts that each of us brings to life.

“By awakening our inner riches and expressing them, we bless others and help transform our planet. Life becomes an exciting and fulfilling journey. In turn, we receive not only outer riches but prosper in ways we can only dream about now.”

Through my online accounting service the business networks I belong to, and my own teachers and mentors, I too have noticed an exciting movement in this direction. The small business owners I know feel that a fundamental shift is taking place in how we do business. Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction marketing coach sums it up beautifully:

“We have been going through a Recession because the old ways are receding. The paradigm of going to work every day to earn a living, working at a corporate job that stifles our creativity, is dying. More and more individuals want to make a significant contribution to the transformation of our planet in ways that empower and bless them and others.”

As Andrea goes on to explain, one of the structures that allows individuals to express their talents is self-employment. When we work for ourselves we can design our work around our own unique talents, rather than trying to fit into someone else’s pigeonhole. Andrea has said that in thirty years self-employment will be a widespread and established career path.

I find this idea very exciting. Part of sharing my unique gifts is helping self-employed individuals through my online accounting service. For example, I make sure that their books are set up properly, that they know which tax forms to file and when, and that they get help with ongoing bookkeeping questions.

When each of us taps into our unique gifts and can share it with others, we in turn are blessed and prosper. Awakening your riches is a part of the new business paradigm. Go for it!

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  1. Andrea Says:

    Carol – thanks for getting the word out about self employment – especially for spiritual entrepreneurs. I love “awakening your riches” – beautiful!

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