QuickBooks QuickTip #3: Automatically Fill in a Check When you Type the Payee Name

Posted by: Carol Post date: January 21st, 2011

Entering multiple checks in QuickBooks can be time consuming. Selecting the expense account for each check entered and typing in the same billing information in the memo line makes the process even longer. What if your checks could automatically fill themselves in after you input the payee? QuickBooks has a nifty feature that automatically recalls the last transaction for a particular payee. All you have to do is change the amount (if necessary) and hit Enter.

Minimum Skill Level:
Beginner. Assumes basic familiarity with QuickBooks account registers

QuickBooks – Pro, Premier, Enterprise
1. From the menu select Edit/Preferences.
2. Select General from the list on the left.
3. Select the My Preferences tab.
4. Check “Automatically remember account or transaction information”
5. Select “Automatically recall last transaction for this name.”
6. Click OK

QuickBooks Online – Plus and Basic
1. From the Company tab select Preferences.
2. Select Company/AutoRecall from the list on the left.
3. Click “Enable AutoRecall”
4. Click Save

QuickBooks for the Mac
1. From the menu select QuickBooks/Preferences
2. Select Customization/Data Entry
3. Check “’QuickFill’ transactions”
4. Close the Data Entry screen

That’s it! Now when you enter a check and input the vendor, QuickBooks automatically fills in the amount, account and memo information from the last transaction. You will need to input the current date. You can change any fields. Be sure to change the amount if necessary (an easy step.)

Works For:
All versions of QuickBooks

Carol Dubs, CPA
QuickBooks ProAdvisor
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