QuickBooks QuickTip #5: The Power of Voided Checks

Posted by: Carol Post date: May 2nd, 2011

Everyone ends up having to void a check that has already been written or printed. Many people just destroy the physical check. But make sure the check is recorded in QuickBooks and then voided.

This ensures that time is not wasted determining whether a check is missing because it was torn up. No surprises either from checks that suddenly clear when you thought they were destroyed.

I tell clients at my online accounting services: Maintaining a record in QuickBooks of all checks in numerical sequence is important because it eliminates guesswork and provides a clear record.

Minimum Skill Level:
Beginner. Assumes basic familiarity with QuickBooks account registers

1. Open the checking account register.
2. If the check has not been entered in QuickBooks, do so now. It is not necessary to enter a vendor or amount. Classify the check to “Miscellaneous.” If you want to note why the check was destroyed or voided, do so in the memo line.
3. If the check has already been entered in QuickBooks, place your cursor anywhere in any field on that check. Make sure you have the correct check.
For QuickBooks Windows:
4. You have two choices to void the check:
a. From the menu bar select Edit/Void Check OR
b. Right click. From the right click menu select Void Check.
5.Click the Record button.
6. QuickBooks will ask you whether you want to record your changes. Click “Yes”.
7. QuickBooks may also ask you whether you want to create a journal entry. Click “No, Just Void the Check”
For QuickBooks for Mac:
4. From the menu bar select Edit/Void Check
5. Click the Record button.
6.QuickBooks will ask you whether you want to record your changes. Click “Yes”.
For QuickBooks Online:
4. Click the “Edit” button at the lower right corner of the check ledger. A detailed copy of the check will appear.
5. Click the “Void” button at the bottom left
6. QuickBooks will ask you whether you are sure you want to void the check. Click “Yes”

Works For:
All versions of QuickBooks

Carol Dubs, CPA
QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Online Accounting Services

2 Responses to “QuickBooks QuickTip #5: The Power of Voided Checks”

  1. Guy Iaccarino Says:

    I was struggling to find this in Quickbooks Online. Thanks for the tip!

    I love the theme of the website as well. The fact that how we handle money is a spiritual as well as (if not more than) a financial issue is so often overlooked. It’s always great to see knowledgable people putting it in that context.

  2. Carol Says:

    Guy, glad I could be a help. You are so right – how we handle money – as a spiritual issue – is too often overlooked.

    I will soon be revamping this website and adding more content: both discussions about spiritual topics and more QuickTips and other accounting tips. Cheers!

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