QuickBooks QuickTip #1: Use Color to Recognize and Organize QuickBooks Account Registers

Posted by: Carol Post date: December 14th, 2010

Do you have more than one checking, savings or credit card account set up in QuickBooks? If you do, try customizing each account register with a different background color. You will avoid the potential frustration of spending time entering transactions into one account register, only to discover that they were meant for another.

Minimum Skill Level:
Beginner. Assumes basic familiarity with QuickBooks account registers

1. Open any account register and then choose Edit/Change Account Color.
2. Select a color from the window that appears.
3. Click OK (Windows) or close the window (Mac).

Suggestion: Try to choose a light color. Too dark a color might make transaction detail hard to read.

Works For:
All versions of QuickBooks except QuickBooks Online products

Carol Dubs, CPA
QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Online Accounting Services

One Response to “QuickBooks QuickTip #1: Use Color to Recognize and Organize QuickBooks Account Registers”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Carol – thank you. This is really helpful and clearly explained. (As a business owner I will probably never pass “beginner” in my Quickbooks skill level..) Andrea

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