QuickBooks QuickTip #4: Ensuring Checks Are in the Print Queue

Posted by: Carol Post date: March 3rd, 2011

QuickBooks allows the user to print checks directly from the program using the File/Print Forms menu. Sometimes a user will enter checks only to find they are not in the queue. What happened? The checks may not have be properly tagged for printing. The surest way to fix the problem is to open each transaction from the register and check off the “To Print” box.

Minimum Skill Level:
Beginner. Assumes basic familiarity with QuickBooks account registers

QuickBooks – All Versions
1. At the check register, locate the check not appearing in the print queue. Place your cursor in any field.
2. Edit the check:
a. Windows: Click the Edit Transaction button at the top of the check register screen or select Edit/Edit Check from the menu.
b. Mac: Select Edit/Edit Bill Pmt – Check from the menu.
c. QuickBooks Online: Select the Edit button to the right of the check.
3. You will now see the individual check in detail.
4. Click the “To Be Printed” box:
a. Windows: bottom right of the check
b. Mac: right of the check
c. QuickBooks Online: top right of the check
5. Notice that “To Print” now appears in the check number screen.
6. Select Save and Close.

Although “To Print” can be manually entered in each check number field, if you don’t type it just so, the check may not be properly flagged for printing. The best way to ensure that a check is queued for printing is to use the “To Print” checkbox.

Works For:
All versions of QuickBooks

Carol Dubs, CPA
QuickBooks ProAdvisor
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One Response to “QuickBooks QuickTip #4: Ensuring Checks Are in the Print Queue”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I am having problems with previously (the week’s before) printed payroll checks staying in the to print queue in Quickbooks. How do I clear them from the queue? They appear with the current week to print.

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