Helping Solopreneurs in the New Millenium

Posted by: Carol Post date: December 2nd, 2010

“The times they are a changin.’”

So went the refrain of a popular Bob Dylan song from 1964, back when our world stood poised on the brink of widespread social change. I was still a child at the time. Only a few years later the sweeping cultural transformation of the late 1960’s roared through the United States, Communist China, France and other areas. As a young teen I only vaguely understood – or cared – about any of it.

But after the turbulent 1960’s ended, I remember reflecting upon what the world would be like when I was in my 50’s and 60’s. How could I contribute to the transformation of that era? Looking back, I suppose that was a pretty strange thing for a young girl to think about. Yet I sensed something about the times we now live in that was potentially remarkable and fundamentally different. That’s as far as I got with future visions; life and my own ups and downs eventually took my attention elsewhere.

Now, with four more decades behind me and a much clearer picture of what the new millennium is about, I am returning to my early vision with excitement, clarity and renewed focus. I’m not alone. Most everyone at least senses that we need to make some pretty big changes on multiple levels: economically, politically, socially, environmentally – and so forth.

But it’s more – much more. As a species, we are undergoing a mass awakening. People are waking up to a fundamental shift in how we see ourselves. A critical mass of people are getting that power for change is not out there. Not in government, the military, political movements, religious institutions, medical and scientific consensus, or large corporations. All these things have their place – but the true power, folks, is within. We are the change we’ve been waiting for.

More of us than ever before are coming forth with answers – solutions that take our personal creativity and unique gifts out into the world to heal, bless and empower. We are often starting as solopreneurs – soloist entrepreneurs – perhaps part time as we juggle our regular job and family duties, working out of our home or garage. We are on fire with a vision.

Yet for many solopreneurs the practical concerns of how to run a business can dampen that fire. For example, unless they have accounting know-how or experience, they may not know how to set up the books properly to avoid costly errors later, which forms to file, or when to get bookkeeping help.

That’s where I come in. As a bookkeeper and later as an accountant and CPA, I’ve worked predominantly with solopreneurs and other small business owners and small non-profits, including religious organizations. I know the kinds of accounting problems they run into and how to fix them.

I’ve also been a student of the spiritual path for over thirty five years. I understand the spiritual challenges of living in alignment with one’s vision. Both accounting support and spiritual understanding are important at this time in order to bring forth our gifts into practical expression in the marketplace.

Despite certain outer appearances to the contrary, I deeply believe that fantastic things are headed our way. Tremendous possibilities are opening up and all of us have the opportunity to make a difference.

The times they are a changin’.

5 Responses to “Helping Solopreneurs in the New Millenium”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Carol, I love your purpose and thank you for expressing it. To most (if not all) people, accounting seems a very ‘cold’ and uncaring profession, yet your awereness and knowledge about our spiritual connection changes it completely and opens up the doors. I love, really love, that you’re connecting the two. I truly wish you all beautiful success with your blog and business!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Carol, I love your purpose and thank you for expressing it. Accounting to most (if not all) people seems ‘cold’ and an ‘uncaring’ profession, but through your awareness and knowledge about spirituality you have opened the doors. I love, really love, how you’ve connected the two and I truly wish you all the beautiful success with your blog and business!

  3. Cindy Caldwell Says:

    Carol —
    I can’t say it any more beautifully than Nicole just did. So ‘ditto’ on that one. 🙂
    And I love your statement, “Our dreams don’t die but are reborn – bigger, brighter and closer to manifestation.”
    What a refreshing thought to remember.
    All my best to you with this blog and this new journey!

  4. Joy Cipoletti Says:

    I have to echo what others have already said. I love your vision and how you are combining accounting and spirituality. I would certainly prefer to work with someone like you in my business than the “stereotypical” accountant or bookkeeper.

  5. Joy Cipoletti Says:

    I have to echo what others have said: I love your vision, and I really love how you are bringing together the practical and the spiritual to support small business owners and entrepreneurs. As a solopreneur myself, I would much prefer someone like you to the usual accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers I’ve used in the past.

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